Maybe Penny shouldn't touch the pebble? It might be a bad omen! She decides to swim away and rejoin her family on the beach before going home to her nest.\n\n[[Go home to her nest |Go home nest]]
Penny is now known throughout the Penguin world to posess the knowledge of every fishing spot. She is befriended by many and made the Penguin leader!\n\n[[epilogue|epilogue]]
Penny takes the pebble home to her parents. Showing them her find. She's hoping they will like the pebble and let her keep it.\n\n[[Parents let her keep the pebble |Keep the pebble]]
Me: "You still need to make the maybe the pebble thing"\nCharlotte: "I know, I just don't feel like it."
In a time very long, long ago there was a little penguin named Penny. She loved to find fish and play with her friends. Until one day she was searching for some fish for her family when she found a pretty blue pebble deep down on the ocean floor. It shimmered in the sunlight reflected from the sun into the water, catching her attention. She wanted to pick it up and bring it home to her parents. \n\n[[find the pebble|Pebble]] \n[[ignore the pebble|Maybe a Pebble]]\n
Penny and the Pebble
Charlotte Brown
What Penny didn't know, was that this was a special pebble. It contained the power to give her the knowledge of the best fishing holes! \n\n[[Take the pebble home |Take pebble home]]
A rogue penguin becomes jealous of Penny and teams up with the seals to have her devoured.\n\nAs her intestines are being rendered clean of her abdomen, her only regret is that she didn't\n\n[[DRINK MORE OVALTINE|]]